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“Progress instead of trial and error”

Digitisation will change the dental world forever. But the future only begins when streamlining individual solutions. Our aim is a holistic work process which incorporates all the parties involved: dentists, dental technicians, dental laboratories, clinics and, last but not least, patients. If you want a digital future that makes sense for everyone involved, you have to perceive it as an overall concept. And actively embrace this concept! DentaMile is an initiative and platform designed to support this cause.

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The award-winning software for your digital workflow.

The DentaMile connect software solution developed by DMG is an innovative, cloud-based software for the CAD/CAM production of dental appliances such as occlusal splints or crowns.

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The future belongs to the masterminds! And to a holistic workflow.

Our aim is a holistic solution. From a range of perspectives.

Digitisation affects dentists and dental technicians in various ways. When developing digital possibilities further, it is important to focus on the different key aspects in the dental laboratory and practice. To achieve this, all sub-processes must be interlinked in the future in a meaningful manner.

Digitisation is set to turn dentistry and dental technology on its head. And simplify the work in dental laboratories and practices.

for the practice team

Dental digitisation is already a reality. What matters now is to shape the future in a way that benefits you. What requirements do you have regarding the digital workflow in your everyday dental practice? What is stopping you from digitising? Or what were the triggers for investing in digital processes at an early stage? Everyday dental practice is characterised not only by individual experience, but also by diverse technological barriers. How do you keep track? Share your impressions with practitioners and other like-minded people!

for the laboratory team

Testing new things is a key part of dental reality. The same also applies when it comes to digitising workflows. Where do you stand on this issue? What is hot? What is not? Where have digital processes proved their worth and where have they failed? What role does the material play? Dental technology has become a key digitisation driver. Take this opportunity to exchange your knowledge and experience with others!

"The reduction of complexity in the digital workflow is as substantial as the transfer of proven material properties into the digital world. We’re working on this"

Master Dental Technician Britta Meister-Petuker, Head of Digital Prosthetics-Product Management at DMG

The range of digital hardware available to dentists and dental technicians is increasing year by year. While subtractive methods such as milling seem to have evolved to a considerable degree, additive methods have not yet exhausted their full potential. Further optimisation can also be expected in digital impression making – both technologically and in cost terms. Ongoing further development of these technologies is what underpins tomorrow's cross-device solutions.


The reality of software solutions in the dental field is still many years away from being user-friendly. The solutions are either restrictively integrated into closed systems or include highly complex data transfer and conversion. Usage without basic IT proficiency is often impossible. A perspective in the field of software opens up solutions that elicit results swiftly, reliably and intuitively.


The demands imposed on dental materials have always resulted from the performance requirements. And also, of course, from the process in which the material is used, whether analogously or digitally. The spectrum of C+B mat., for example, ranges from hand mix and automix from the cartridge, to milling rounds and blocks and, obviously, 3D printing. To always ensure the best material for the process and the optimum properties within the process is the guiding principle for the future.

Inspired by Dental Future Why not shape today how you want to work in the world of tomorrow?

Our vision is to find the right way to dental digitisation today. Together, we want to think be creative. With you! So we’re looking for digital pioneers in dentistry and dental technology. Let's lay the foundation for the digital tomorrow. Are you on board?